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Product Code -c034

Super Cute Silicone Rabbit Night Lamp, making it a romantic sweet nursery baby night lamp companion.And it is easy to use as Bedside night lights. Can change the light color by pat the silicone.Press the touch switch at the bottom of the open source, warm white light displays. Pat silicone, can switch to colorful gradient color, such as red, blue, green. Made of BPA-free washable silicone, very soft and durable, do not worry to break it. You can push it in, squeeze it and it will come back to life by itself. Micro charging socket, and intelligent mobile phone universal charging port. Built-in battery protection circuit, long time plugin.

Color: Blue, pink

Power: 1W

Input: 5V/350mA

Battery: 1200mAH Lithium Charge


Micro USB Dimensions: 118*105*160mm

Work Life: 100000 hours

Charging Time:3 Hours