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Product Code -c025

Stealth, strength and speed are a few qualities you would associate with a ninja. This is what makes them so cool and mysterious. The Ceramic Ninja Black Coffee Mug packs all these goodies into the ultimate ‘beverage bearer’. The jet black mug easily disguises itself like a regular mug to make its way to dining tables and office desks sneakily. The ninja mug is a definite conversation starter, as its unique looks will grab a lot of attention.

Color: Black

Volume: 320ml

Product Mug Dimension:

Top Diameter: 7.7cm,

Bottom Diameter: 7.7cm

Length with Handle: 12cm,

Height: 9.8cm

Spoon Size: 12.8cm,

Saucer Size: 11.5cm

Material: Ceramic

Package Includes: 1 x Ninja Ceramic Mug 1 x Samurai Spoon 1 x Ninja Star Coaster